The 4 Course Bundle

This bundle is for every mother, father, sister, friend who is ready to know what THEY can do to start fighting for their loved one’s life. The bundle includes over 2 hours of personal instruction from Danny so you can learn and master the following concepts:

  • The three roadblocks families unknowingly place in their loved one’s path.
  • The four lies that keep everyone in a holding pattern.
  • Why it is impossible for your loved one to do this alone.
  • Two addiction principles that will move you from insanity to progress.
  • Addiction myths – busted
  • Three hinge points that will create the structure required to influence the outcome.
  • What you must immediately stop doing.
  • Creating your own emergency kit.

When you purchase this 4 class bundle not only will you have access to these life changing

courses but you will also receive a printed workbook which is ONLY AVAILABLE to those who

purchase of this bundle. This workbook will be delivered to you by mail for FREE! This exclusive

40-page, full color workbook includes ALL the coursework covered in the first 4 classes as well

as all the homework pages. This beautiful and well thought book is bound together with plenty

of room for you to take notes and journal your personal reflections through the concepts you

are learning. The workbook also includes stickers and quotes used throughout the classes to

keep your learning at the top of mind.